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In the present scenario, the field of modern organic synthesis can be divided into two main pillars- development of sustainable methods and application of these methods for the synthesis of natural products. These natural products not only display fascinating complex molecular architecture that nature has produced but also they are extremely important in the medicinal industries as well as other fields.


Our research group investigates to solve the fundamental problems of discovering more efficient methods based on two fundamental approaches - one-pot multi catalysis and selective C-H functionalization. We hope our work will further enhance the knowledge in this field which will ultimately lead to the advancement of a broad field ranging from medicinal chemistry to material science.

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  • Dual/Synergistic Catalysis

  • C-H-Bond Functionalization

  • Chemistry of Carbazoles

  • Organic Photovoltaics

Currently two PhD positions are available. Interested students can contact to MSM with CV



February 2024

Congratulations to  Samrat kundu, Chayan, Abhisek and Ankush for publishing their paper on Carbazoquinocin Analogues as Small Molecule Biomimetic Organocatalysts in Dehydrogenative Coupling of Amines in Organic Letters !!!

February 2024

Congratulations to  Samrat kundu for publishing his paper on Solution-Phase Late-Stage Chemoselective Photocatalytic Removal of Sulfonyl and Phenacyl Groups in Peptides in Chemistry European Jouranal !!!


December 2023

Congratulations to  Minakshi, Samrat Sahu, and Shuvendu for publishing their paper on Construction of C2-indolyl-quaternary centers by branch-selective allylation: Enabling concise total synthesis of (±)-mersicarpine alkaloid in Chemical Science!!!

November 2023

Congratulations to  AryaRaja, Supreeta and Samrat for publishing their paper on Annulative π-Extension by Cp*Co(III)-Catalyzed Ketone-Directed peri-Annulation: An Approach to Access Fused Arenes in Organic Letters !!!

November 2023

Congratulations to  Haripriyo, Subimal, Shuvendu, Tarak and Uddalak for publishing their paper on Late-Stage Halogenation of Peptides, Drugs and (Hetero)aromatics with a Nucleophilic Hydrazide Catalyst in Angewandt Chemie !!!

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