August 2020

Congratulations to  Hari for publishing the review on Synthesis of Heterocycles by Isothiourea Organocatalysis in Journal of Hetrocyclic Chemistry !!!

March 2020

Congratulations to  Sourav for publishing his work on Co(III)-catalyzed C–H Amidation and Alkylation in Organic letters !!!

February 2020

Congratulations to Shuvendu  for publishing his work on synthesis of tetrahydro benzo[c]carbazoles in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.

November 2019

Congratulations to Samrat and Ankush for publishing their work on Brønsted acid-catalyzed α-(3-Indolyl) ketone synthesis in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.

November 2019

Congratulations to Md Raja for publishing his Cobalt(III)-catalyzed ketone-directed C-H vinylation work in Organic Chemistry Frontiers.

September 2019

Our recent work on Functionalization of Indoles via Brønsted Acid Catalysis is highlighted in Synfacts 2019, 15, 1114

August 2019

MSM delivered a lecture on "Invention of New Reactions for the Synthesis of Indole and Carbazole Based Alkaloids" at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha

August 2019

Congratulations MSM for being promoted to Associate Professor. Thanks all for your valuable contributions and commitments to chemistry.

August 2019

Congratulations to Samrat, Avijit, Mahadeb, and Sudip for publishing their work on Pyrrole-alkenylation in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry!


July 2019

Congratulations to Ankush for publishing his work on the functionalization of indoles via Brønsted Acid catalysis in Chemistry-A European Journal. "Invited for cover picture & Selected as hot paper"

May 2019

MSM delivered a lecture on "Sequential Brønsted Acid/Base Catalyzed Domino C3-Alkenylation of Indoles and Pyrrole: A One-Pot Access to Carbazoles and Carbazole Alkaloids" at Department of Chemistry, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India

April 2019

Congratulations to Suvankar, Md Raja and Biswabrata for publishing their work on "On Water Cp*Ir(III)-Catalyzed C–H Functionalization for the Synthesis of Chromones through Annulation of Salicylaldehydes with Diazo-Ketones" in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.

12th March 2019

Suvankar successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled to "Transition-metal-catalyzed external oxidant free C-C and C-N bond formation". Congratulation to Dr. Suvankar !!! 

March 2019

Congrats Shuvendu for being awarded as first position holder in Flash Poster Presentation at IC-CBSDD-2019 held at Berhampur University, Odisha, India

March 2019

MSM delivered a lecture at International Conference on Chemical & Biological Sciences in Drug Discovery-2019 (IC-CBSDD-2019) held at Berhampur University, Odisha, India

February 2019

Welcome to our new Post Doc. Dr. Suchand Basuli

January 2019

Congratulations to Suvankar & Sourav for publishing their work on Rh(III)-catalyzed synthesis of (Z)-selective enamides on Organic letters.


December 2018

MSM delivered a lecture at International Conference on Organometallics and Catalysis (ICOC 2018) held at Goa, India

December 2018

Congratulation to Ankush, Avishek, Shuvendu, and Anushree for publishing their work on [4+2] benzannulation of 2-alkenyl indoles with aldehydes in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry !!!


December 2018

MSM delivered a lecture at Frontiers in Chemical Sciences (FICS 2018) held at IIT Guwahati

November 2018

Congratulation to Sourav and Raja for publishing their work on Co and Rh- catalyzed ketone-directed C-H Amidation of Arenes in Chemistry-A European Journal !!! "Invited for cover picture & Selected as hot paper"

October 2018

Congratulations to Raja and Sourav for publishing their work on Co-catalyzed ketone-directed alkenylation in. Adv. Synth. Catal !!!


October 2018

Congratulations to Shuvendu and Ankush for publishing their work on carbazoles & indolocarbazoles in. Org. Lett. !!!


October 2018

Congratulations to Samrat and Beauty for publishing their work on hapalindoles in. Org. Lett. !!!


July 2018

Group welcomes our new Ph.D students Ganesh & Minakshi !!!!


June 2018

The inside cover picture in Adv. Synth. Catal. designed by Samrat Kundu and Sourav has been accepted. Congrats!!!!


May 2018

We welcome our new Masters Students Mahadeb & Biswabrata.


May 2018

Congratulations to Avijit for securing PhD position in the ''Technische Universität Berlin''.

Congratulations to Sripati  for securing PhD position in the ''RWTH Aachen University''.

Congratulations to Sudip  for securing PhD position in the ''University of Münster''.


May 2018

Sourav's manuscript on '' Cobalt(III)‐Catalyzed Construction of Benzofurans, Benzofuranones and One‐Pot Orthogonal C−H Functionalizations to Access Polysubstituted Benzofurans'' is accepted for publication in Adv. Synth. Catal. Congrats!!!!


March 2018

Congrats Raja for being awarded as outstanding poster presenter on  'Ketone-Directed Cp*Co(III)-Catalyzed C–H Allylation on Arenes and Indoles' in National  Symposium on 'Emerging Trends in Chemical Science', 2018, Calcutta University.


December 2017

MSM delivered a talk at the conference ''CFOS-17'' at IIT Roorkee


December 2017

Raja and Sourav's manuscript on '' Weakly Coordinating Ketone-Directed Cp*Co(III)-Catalyzed C–H Allylation on Arenes and Indoles'' is accepted for publication in Org. Lett. Congrats!!!!


December 2017

MSM attended a three days Indo-US Bilateral Workshop on “Organometallic Chemistry: From Fundamentals to Applications” held at Rhythm Lonavla. 


November 2017

MSM delivered a talk as an invited speaker at the conference “Material Chemistry for Better Tomorrow 2017'' organized by Asutosh College, Kolkata.  


July 2017

Welcome to our new graduate students Arya and Samrat Kundu. 


March 2017

Congrats!!!! Ankush and Samrat for publishing their manuscript in Adv. Synth. Catal.


MSM delivered a talk as invited speaker in the international conference 'ICRTCBSMNPDD-2017' entitled as 'Sequential Brønsted Acid/Base Catalyzed Domino C3-Alkenylation of Indoles: A One-Pot Access to Carbazoles and Carbazole Alkaloids'


February 2017

MSM delivered a talk as invited speaker in the conference 'Organic Molecules: Synthesis and Applications'


January 2017

Congrats!!!! Samrat and Ankush for publishing their first manuscript in Org. Lett. 


December 2016

Congrats!!!! Sourav and Suvankar for getting their second manuscript accepted in J. Org. Chem.


December 2016

Samrat and Ankush presented two posters at the international conference 'ICOS-21'' organized by IIT Bombay.


We welcome our winter project students Sudip and Sripati.


November 2016

Congrats!!!! Suvankar and Sourav for publishing the first manuscript of our Group in J. Org. Chem.


July 2016 

We welcome our new PhD student Haripriyo, Raja, and Shuvendu.   


June 2016 

Ananya, Tanumay, and Ritesh joined the group for MSc thesis work.


May 2015 

Swagata Paul from NIT Jamshedpur joined the group as visiting summer student.


February 2016 

Congratulations to Avick for securing PhD position in the ''Texas A&M University''

Congratulations to Anushree  for securing PhD position in the ''University of Washington''


September 2015 

Our proposal has been accepted, and INR 50.00 Lakhs funding has been granted under SERB, DST, India.


June 2015 

Dr. Beauty Das Joins the group as Post Doc 


May 2015 

Avick and Anushree join the group for their master thesis work

Sunny Das from IIT Kanpur joins the group as visiting summer student


December 2014 

Sourav joins the group for his PhD thesis work


July 2014 

We welcome our new group members Ankush, Samrat, and Suvankar



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