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The NMR Bruker AVANCETM 600 MHz Spectrometer is equipped with 4 different probes, the 5 mm BBFO probe, 5 mm TXI 1H/13C/31P probe and a TCI CryoProbe Prodigy. The CryoProbe Prodigy is geared for handling either very low concentration samples or those with very high molecular weights and allows you to work at 0°C–80°C sample temperature range.

The NMR Bruker Ascend TM 500 MHz is specifically equipped with multinuclear probe (BBO probe), optimized for X-nuclei detection ( 31P and 15N, 19F). The inner coil is optimized for observation of nuclei between 31P and 15N whereas outer coil is optimized for 1H decoupling (and observation too).

The NMR Bruker Ultrashield 400 MHz is equipped with Variable Temperature Unit (VTU) which helps record of various samples at a different temperature. 

Waters Xevo G2 QToF High Resolution Mass Spectrometer is used for determining the exact mass of synthesized molecules and intermediates. The system has automated system optimization and status monitoring technology, ensuring the highest quality data is routinely available. The instrument is equipped with (i). a high performance quadrupole mass analyzer with a mass range of 2 – 4000 amu, (ii). a T-wave collision cell, (iii). a high performance orthogonal acceleration Time of flight (oaToF) mass analyzer with a mass range up to 100,000 m/z and a resolving power of 20,000 FWHM.

Eyela PSL-1810 Low temperature bath, capable of running 9 parallel reactions at -80 degree celcius for 7 days continuous operation without any requirement of dry ice/acetone bath.

We have Shimazdu Prominence HPLC system for the separation of chiral molecules. the instrument is equipped with 6 Daicel chiral columns along with a column switching valve which eliminates the need of replacing column while switching. It is also equipped with SPD-M20A & RID 201A detectors. The high-performance measuring pump provides precision and accuracy for sample injections of even the smallest volumes (1 µL). 

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