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Dr. Modhu Sudan Maji
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur      
Telephone: +91-3222-282892 (O) / +91-3222-282893 (R)
Fax:              +91-3222-282252

Open Positions

PhD positions: 

Currently we don't have any positions.

Post Doctoral positions: 

Currently SERB-funded Post Doctoral position is available, please contact MSM.

Interested candidates with a strong research background in synthetic organic chemistry are encouraged to apply through IIT Kharagpur after short communication with MSM with bio-data.

Master Project / Thesis:

Highly motivated students from our institute with excellent academic background are encouraged to approach MSM for pursuing their master thesis work in our laboratory.

Summer Internship:

Currently we don't have any positions.

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